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The Winners of Montreal Independent Film Festival

The Montreal Independent Film Festival has recently announced the winners of its latest edition and the festival has truly turned into a great global platform for international filmmakers and it is growing in popularity every day.

The festival is not just about giving out trophies but providing the best tools in screening, promoting, and featuring international films and creating support for indie filmmakers and film projects.

All the award recipients of the monthly editions are also further nominated for the annual awards.

This makes the festival a very unique international film festival and an organization which continues to support independent filmmakers from all over the world.

The festival has various categories which have recently been expanded to include awards such as Best Female Director and Best First Time Director. The festival is international in nature but it also has a category to recognize and award the Best Canadian Film.

Here is the list of the winners for the latest edition which was completed on August 3rd:

Best Narrative Feature: Mambo Man

Mo Fini, Edesio Alejandro

Best Narrative Feature Director: Invisible man in the midst

Directed by: Siyuan Zeng

Best Documentary Feature: Pant Hoot

Directed by: Richard Reens

Best Short Narrative: Leo

Directed by: Fabienne MAHÉ

Best Short Narrative Director: A Girl and a Gun

Directed by: P.E.Joubert

Best Short Documentary: I Bleed

Directed by: Leah Manasseh

Best Canadian Film: Cinematography & Edit: Facade - Adrift in a sea of strangers

Directed by: Alexandre Richard

Best Female Director: Vanessa Powers for directing 'Lucky Strike'

Best Comedy: Like Daughter, Like Mother

Directed by:

Clyde Baldo

Award of Excellence in Comedy: R.I.P

Directed by: Hanna Dorsett

Best Horror: The Curse

Directed by: Dimitri Kanjuka

Best Animation: Balled Of Music Notes

Directed by: Xi Chengzhuo

Best First Time Filmmaker: January 14th

Directed by: La'Chris Jordan

Best Producer & Best Actor: Forbidden Power

Directed by: Paul Kyriazi

Produced by:

Conrad Denke, Harry Mok, Jan Van Tassell, Bruce Dowling

Starring: Lincoln Bevers & Nasanin Nuri

Best Actress: Fast Forward Style

Directed by: Kari Kennon

Starring: Tanya McMaster

Best TV Pilot: Limbo

Directed by: Pat Dortch

Best Experimental: The Bleach- The Manifesto

Directed by: Corine Colors

Best Script: Sleep

Written by: Jason Lor

Best Music Video: Unseen

Directed by: Naïma Pöhler

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Aug 05, 2020

The cast & crew of Forbidden Power is very excited to win the two awards. I'm posting it everywhere. Thank you so much to the judges and organizers of the festival. You've made a lot of people very happy. Let's all keep making movies.

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