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Into Schrodinger’s Box in Toronto

A middle-aged musician, Sofia, has to stay at home in quarantine for 14 days due to the infection of his husband to Covid-19. Sofia’s loneliness leads to hallucinations as she feels that she is under control everywhere. Everything gets intensified after the arrival of a mysterious, beautiful woman named Lilith into her house. “Who is Lilith, how she could have access into her house?”, while Sofia tries to answer these questions, her negative feelings about Lilith slowly changes; she seems to finally find a moment of peace and happiness in her life before a piece of shocking news once again disturb her life.

Phoenix Screening: Into Schrodinger’s Box

Time: 30 September 2021, 1:30pm

Location : Imagie Cinema Elgin Mills

Directors: Amir Ganjavie, Nasim Naghavi

* For ticketing please visit :


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