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Winners of Toronto Film Channel Awards

Toronto Film Channel Awards screens and promotes independent films of all genres in its screening platform from all over the world. The screening platform also has a monthly and annual film festival which selects and awards international and Canadian films.

The festival has been very active in the past three years and has promoted, awarded and screened groundbreaking and emerging talents from around the globe.

Toronto Film Magazine has been a proud sponsor of Toronto Film Channel Awards for the past year which has created many breakthroughs in the career of talented filmmakers.

It is our pleasure to announce the latest winners of Toronto Film Channel Awards. The festival is screening its award winning feature film today in its Toronto Theater and also the worldwide screening platfrom.

Best Narrative Feature & Best Script & Best Cinematography:

Director: Mario Sulina

Best Narrative Short & Best Actress

Covidsation-Episode 1

Director: Christian K. Kalambay


Hayden Rose

Best Actor:

Franco Nero for The Dark Dance

Best Director:

The Dark Dance

Director: Mauro John Capece

Best Feature Documentary


Director: Saschko Steven Schmid

Honorable Mention Feature Documentary

Director: Davied Scarbrough

Honorable Mention Feature Documentary

Director: Mirella Martinelli

Best Short Documentary

Guradians of the Grasslands

Directors: Sarah Wray , Ben Wilson

Honorable Mention Short Documentary

Director: Amy Richman

Honorable Mention Short Documentary

Director: Henry West

Best Independent Feature & Best Editing

Avalakki Pavalakki

Director: Durga Prasad

Honorable Mention Independent Feature

The Playground

Director: Kevin V. Tudor

Best Independent Short


Director: Charles Andrews, Andrew Essig, Amy Sterling Avila

Best Horror

The Invitation

Director: Thorsten Schade

Honorable Mention Horror

Harper & Kelly: A Lazaretto Love Story

Director: Landi maduro

Best Unproduced Script

The Short Film Club

Writers: Darren Stokes & Matthew Bancroft

Best Experimental

The Saints of the Rue Scribe

Director: Angel Katherine Taormina

Best Thriller

Night of the Forgotten

Director: Beau Marie

Best Music Video

Director: Phillip Kaminiak

Best Animation

Director: Felix Kiner

Best Series

Take of Tails

Director: Harley Wallen

Honorable Mention Series


Director: David Ash

Best Composer

David Cerquetti for Hope

Best Student Film

The Weatherman

Director: Ty Tush

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Bom M
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