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Winners of Toronto Film Magazine

The mission of Toronto Film Magazine is to promote independent film projects, artists and media professionals working in the film industry as writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, composers and actors in a variety of genres from all over the globe. The Canadian magazine is based in Toronto, the entertainment district of Canada where some of the most important film festivals and productions take place every year. Toronto Film Magazine also has a contest and an online festival dedicated to indie cinema. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of Toronto Film Magazine on June 10th, 2021.

Best Feature Narrative & Best Indie Film & Best Director

Free Lunch Express

Director: Lenny Britton

Best Documentary Film

African Democracy/Hopes and Challenges

Director: IRVIN D REID

Best Narrative Short Film

Dying Of The Light

Director: David Newton

Best Actress

Anna Greene

for: Paintless

Best Actor

Graham Jenkins

for: Paintless

Best Animation

It's Okay

Director: Aiman Samat

Best Experimental

New York Minute

Director: Lynn Bianchi

Best Student Film

The Yellow Ribbon

Director: Ashlin Winckler

Best TV Series/Web

The Potwins

Director: Lenny Britton

Best Composer

Fantasy of Companionship between Human and Inanimate (English) version

Composers: Ron J Danziger, Manu Martin, Joi Barua

Best Cinematographer & Best Editor

Free Lunch Express

Director: Lenny Britton

Best Screenplay

Inked in Blood

Written by: Paul Corricelli

1 comment

1 Comment

Cynthia Uhrich
Cynthia Uhrich
Jun 11, 2021

CONGRATS to the competition winners. Thank you to Toronto Film Magazine for selecting my short screenplay "The Eye of Doris" for award consideration.

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