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Winners of Golden Pen Awards

The Golden Pen Script Awards is devoted to the promotion and recognition of international screenwriters from all over the world. The festival team consists of award winning writers, directors and producers mainly from US and Canada. It is our pleasure to announce the latest winners of the festival. The committee of the fest believes that the power of storytelling has the ability to inspire, educate, and connect us all. The festival has the goal of promoting and recognizing emerging screenwriting talent from around the world.

Best Short Screenplays

The Unorthodox Mr. Haywood Script Writer: Maxwell C. Blackriver

Best Feature Screenplay

Serendipity Writer: Karl Safindah

Best TV Script

America the Land of the Free? Writer: Kandis Heckler

Best First time Writer

The TentVille Knights Writer: Erin Elizabeth Cook

Best Creative Writer

Best Student Script

God have Mercy Writer: Kaye Tuckerman

Best Web/Series/Pilot/Script

Burt & Mildred Go West Writer: Randy Zobel


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