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Toronto Women Film Festival introduces the latest winners

The seasonal winners of Toronto Women Film Festival were announced today by the committee of the festival which has devoted itself to the promotion and screening of female talents from all over the world. The festival offers ongoing promotion and screening to the seasonal winners through its annual and seasonal programs. The latest live event of Toronto Women Film Festival will be on September 10th at the Innis Town Hall theater at the University of Toronto which runs parallel to TIFF. In the meantime, all the nominees and seasonal winners are considered for next seasonal and annual screenings either online or through Innis Town Hall and Carlton Cinema. It is our pleasure to announce the latest seasonal winners.

Best Narrative Feature

Emanuelle's Revenge

Directors: Monica Carpanese, Dario Germani

Best Narrative Short


Director: Cindy Lee

Best Feature Documentary

Game of Fish

Director: Maria Ålander and Martin Falklind

Best Short Documentary

Calls From Home

Director: Sylvia Ryerson

Honorable Mention Short Documentary

The Body in the Woods

Director: Bel Trew

Best Experimental


Director: Silvina Der Meguerditchian

Best Comedy


Director: Suzanne luna

Best Science Fiction


Director: Kelli Elizabeth Horan

Best Horror


Director: Nieves Gómez

Best Animation

A Bride's Diary

Director: Yeon Choi

Best Web/TV/Pilot

Flawsome: Sex, Drugs & Recipes

Director: Claudia Pickering Dzienny

Best Music Video


Director: Isabelle Longnus

Best Student Film

Now I Am Old and Do Not Need the Moon

Director: Dasha Bough

Honorable Mention Student Film

My Roommate, Death

Director: Becca Isaias

Best Actress

Aisling O'Sullivan First Date

Honorable Mention Actress

Emily Kilkenny Roddy Trouble

Best Cinematographer

The Alliance

Amanda Jean Kowalski and Jeff Griecci

Best Scriptwriter


SARAH; love and revolution

Best Producer

Nili Tal

My Lover the Clock Thief

Best Editor

Renata Baldi


Best Director

Viktoriya Melnykova

The Choice

Best Composer

Hueimin Kuan

Soul of God - Hueimin Kuan



Director: Victoria Elizabeth Campbell

Best Human Rights

The Big Picture - Understanding How Poland's Abortion Laws Changed Over Time

Director: Natalia Weichsel

Best Film About Women


Director: Borimir Bono Ilkov

Best Canadian Filmmaker

Where Can We Live in Peace?

Director: Judy Mary Jackson

Best Environmental

My Alaskan Journey

Director: Erin Ranney and Jack Johnston

Best First Time Filmmaker

Nadeshiko Koba

Boneless Lantern

Best thriller


Director: Gabrielle Carrubba

Best Unproduced Script

It Takes a Village

Writer: Lisa Triano

Best Historical Film

Analogue Revolution: How Feminist Media Changed the World

Director: ‪ Marusya Bociurkiw

Best Biographical Film

The Alma Enigma

Director: Naomie Kremer

Best Sport Film

Shadesofwinter ALIGNED | Between the Sea and The Sky

Director: Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner

Best Youth Artist

Mae Robb Ginny's Enterprise


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