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The Strange Case of Normalcy

"The Strange Case of Normalcy" is a subtle examination of how each of us lives on the edge of normalcy while we construct an illusion of "the normal" by which we define ourselves. All of us strive to appear to be 'normal' and pretend to be 'average' and 'normal' even as the boundaries blur.

Five ethnically diverse friends who graduate from an Ivy League institution, consider themselves smart. They are aware though, of the fragile boundaries of the human mind. The story unfolds how each of them experiences serious issues of isolation, suicidal thoughts and how they live on the edge of time.

Nishi Chawla, the director of the project has seven collections of poetry, ten plays, one feature length movie, three screenplays and two novels, to her credit. She holds a Ph.D. in English from the George Washington University, Washington D.C. She has taught full time at various Universities for more than three decades.

Watch "The Strange Case of Normalcy":


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