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Spirit of art filmmaking and indie cinema

Art Film Spirit Awards is devoted to the language of cinema and promoting art films of all genres from all over the globe. The festival team consists of members from Ryerson University, York University and Sherridan College. Art Film Spirit Awards is a hybrid online festival and a competition which is an IMDb qualifying event for shorts and features.

Best Narrative Feature & Best Cinematography & Best Actor

Director: Rodolfo Graziano

Actor: Armando Andrade

Best Documentary Film

Real Life and Dreamworlds, Creativity in a Digital World

Director: Anna Bowman

Best Narrative Short Film

Bad Trails

Director: Colin Garcia

Best Animation


Director: Christopher Angus

Best Experimental

Isabelle Walks with Angels

Director: Naomi Silver-Vézina

Best Horror


Director: Roberto Gazola


Best TV Series/Web Series/Pilots

Story of Godia

Director: Mouayed Zabtia

Best Director

Simone Smith


Best Actress

Michelle Lynn

An Ever After Drama

Best Indie Film

Young Ali: those were the days

Director: Amir Motlagh

Best Female Director

LAURA Gonzalez y Matute

Murals in motion. José Clemente Orozco and the Campobello sisters

Best Script

The Genesis Project

Writer: Joseph Anthony Francis

Best Composer

Who's Behind Black Art

Joel Campbell


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