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The Winners of Montreal Independent Film Festival

The Montreal Independent Film Festival has recently announced the winners of its latest edition and the festival has truly turned into a great global platform for international filmmakers and it is growing in popularity every day.

The festival is not just about giving out trophies but providing the best tools in screening, promoting, and featuring international films and creating support for indie filmmakers and film projects.

All the award recipients of the monthly editions are also further nominated for the annual awards.

This makes the festival a very unique international film festival and an organization which continues to support independent filmmakers from all over the world.

The festival has various categories which have recently been expanded to include awards such as Best Female Director and Best First Time Director. The festival is international in nature but it also has a category to recognize and award the Best Canadian Film.

Here are the Winners of the Montreal Independent Film Festival:

Best Feature Film

The Battle Of Shangri-La

Best Feature Film Director

Between Pain And Amen

*Excellence In Feature Directing*

All Abroad

Legacy Of Lies

Havana Kyrie

Best Short Film

The Rage

Best Feature Documentary

What Lies Inside

Best Short Film Directing

Little Sicily

Special Mention Short Directing



Nowhere To Go

Best Short Documentary

Shadows of Light

Best Feature Documentary Directing

The Remandee

*Excellence In Feature Documentary*

The Quiet Revolution: State, Society And The Canadian Horror Film

This Hits Home

The Blinding Sea

Best Canadian Narrative Feature

John 316

Best Canadian Narrative Short


Best Actor

Havana Kyrie

Best Actress


Best Edit


Best Thriller


Best Script

Then And There, Here And Where

*Excellence In Scriptwriting*

Birds Of A Feather


Leave Me To The Wolves

Best Canadian Documentary

Guardians Of Grasslands

Best Experimental Feature


Best Experimental Feature Director

Saint Clair Cemin

Best Experimental Short

Can't kill Us All

Best Experimental Short Directing

Separated Waves Of One Ocean

*Award Of Excellence In Experimental Filmmaking*

The Skin I'm In

Night Visions

Slice Of Life

Best Comedy

The Announcement

Best Feature Horror


Best Short Horror

Shut Eye

Best Animation

Copper Bone

Best Student Film

Grandmas River

Best Student Film Director

The Trial

Best Canadian Student Film

La Crise

*Excellence In Student Filmmaking*

Oh To Be A Child

Harra And Donkey


Best Cinematography

Ars Nature

*Excellence In Cinematography*


Willie In The Sky


Best Composer


Best Female Director

Lords Of BSV

Best Animation Directing

The Unlucky Hamster

*Award Of Excellence In Animation Directing*


The Very Special Day

Forrest League

Best T.V Series

Smoking Gun

*Award Of Excellence In TV Series*


Choose Me: An Abortion Story


Best Music Video

David Koresh Fan Club

Best Music Video Directing

I Don't Need Another

*Excellence In Music Video Directing *

8 Minutes & 46 Seconds

Black Metal Romance

You're The Kind Of Guy

Best Science fiction



Best Science Fiction Director

Allan Ellen

Best Independent Producer

The Way That I Am

Best Action/Thriller

Legacy Of Lies

Best First Time Drama Filmmaker

The Way That I Am

Best First Time Documentary Filmmaker

The Blinding Sea


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