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Montreal Independent Film Festival Announces its Latest Winners

Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) was founded with the spirit of indie filmmaking, creativity, discovery and support for international and Canadian shorts and features of all genres.

The festival is both monthly and annual. MIFF selects and awards films from all over the globe every month and promotes the award winners in order to create further publicity for indie films.

Award winners are also credited on IMDb and have the option to promote and screen their films throughout the month on Toronto Film Channel. MIFF also bestows honorable mentions in various categories to some of the finalists who have shown creativity and talent.

The Annual festival selects its films from the award winners of the monthly editions and screens the films in its weekly annual event.

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) in Toronto Film Magazine.

Best Narrative Feature Adam

Directed by: MARIO ŠULINA

Best Short Narrative Le dernier mot

Directed by: Lucas Warin

Best Feature Documentary Stove Directed by: Jad Andari

Best Short Documentary I Like Dirt

Directed by: Shannon Lee Dawdy, Daniel Zox

Best Horror Sonant

Directed by: Vik Ramen

Best Comedy Fortissimo

Directed by: Janine Piguet

Best Animation Origin of Man

Directed by: Pjotr Sapegin

Best Feature Science Fiction


Directed by: Naeri Do

Best Short Science Fiction

Invasion 2040

Directed by: Cesar Alejandro Turturro

Best Series/Pilot/Web NOC - Non-Official Cover

Directed by: Ian Voglesong

Best Experimental


Directed by: Tianzhen Huang

Best Canadian Film

Moments in Spacetime

Directed by: Christopher Cowden

Best Canadian Director:

Paul Andrew Kimball For The Colour of Spring

Best Female Director On a Whim

Directed by: Asya Nikolaeva

Best First Time Filmmaker Lit

Directed by: Brock Burnett

Best Independent Film Night Sweats

Directed by: Andrew Lyman-Clarke

Best Student Film A Score in the Vinyl

Directed by: Errol Sullivan, Atticus Fehr


Directed by: Craig Huckerby

Best Thriller & Trailer LIT

Directed by: Brock Burnett

Best Unproduced Script

Homebound Written by: Joud AlAmri

Best Actor

Elijah Boothe For Pink Opaque

Best Actress

Alexa Morden for The Colour of Spring

Best Edit FAUNA

Edited by: Davide Fiore

Best Composer

Nicolas Bianco for Jiyan

Best Cinematography


DOP: Alec Schultz

Best Script & Best Directing

Pink Opaque

Written and Directed by: Derrick Perry

Best Music Video

2 Down

Directed by: Sam Farage

Honorable Mention in Short Film Directing

The Sleepless

Directed by: Kami Sadraei


Directed by: Aaron Rothermund

Best Laid Schemes

Directed by: Marc Webb

Honorable Mention in Series

WHITE CROW: Episode 1, Lake of Spies.

Directed by: George Threadgold

Middle of Nowhere

Directed by: Michele Palermo

Honorable Mention in Animation


Directed by: Bellopropello


Directed by: Nathania Rubin

Honorable Mention in Experimental The Mechanics of Intimacy

Directed by: Benjamin Filinson

Under The Surface

Directed by: Kai Z Feng, James Rockford

Honorable Mention in Documentary


Directed by: Richard Bullock

Elders' Room

Directed by: Shirley Steinberg



Directed by: Kelly Moneymaker

Honorable Mention in Music Video

All I Ever Had

Directed by: Jeffrey Price


Directed by: Cristian Balint

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Congratulations to all the award winners. Thanks to you all at Montreal for letting us be a part of your journey. Best in 2021 from the cast and crew of 'April 9th'.

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