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Migrant Birds Fly in Malibu International Film Festival

"Migrant Birds Fly" has been selected to have its U.S. premiere at the 2022 Malibu Film Festival in California for late March. The Malibu Film Festival will present its 22nd edition in a virtual format running from 20 March to 27 March 2022. An all-access virtual pass includes accessible on-demand streaming for the duration of the festival and costs just $10. Pre-buy your pass now. Since 1999, Malibu Film Festival has been recognized as a premiere festival for discovering visionary directors in California. Migrant Birds Fly is a multilingual and poetic narrative drama film, shot in Toronto as an indie feature, based on the poems of three legendary female poets, Forough Farokhzad, Anna Akhmatova, and Li Qinzhao. The film is directed by Arsalan Baraheni.

Honorees and filmmakers who first presented their work at the Malibu International Film Festival are now amongst the biggest names in the industry include Academy Award® winning artists such as James Cameron, Bryan Fogel and Pierce Brosnan.

Migrant Birds Fly is a poetic and dramatic testimony to the lives of three women in exile and themes dealing with language barrier, love, relationships, sexuality and identity. It is shot in black and white and consists of three chapters called "Migrant", "Birds" and "Fly" which will finally turn into "Migrant Birds Fly" when three main female characters from Asia, Middle East and East Europe, end up together in a language classroom in Toronto. Arsalan Baraheni, the director of the film has been producing, directing, writing and shooting feature dramatic films and documentaries which have been screened internationally in more than 30 cities mainly in U.S. and in Canada. "Migrant Birds Fly" will be screening in the feature competition of the 22nd Malibu International Film Festival.


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