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16th edition of Exile Film Festival in Sweden

Exile Film Festival is a unique event and a forum in Gothenburg, Sweden for screening of international art cinema as well as promoting human rights, democracy, freedom, justice and solidarity.

In the Exile Film Festival, filmmakers in exile have the opportunity to freely screen their films for an audience in the cinemas of Gothenburg. Films that depict from an inside view the life situation of people who have been forced to flee their homes, due to poverty and exploitation, religious and ideological pressures, and war are screened in the festival.

The festival has been running for more than a decade now and the artistic director and founder of the festival is Hossein Mahini. His festival has contributed to the film culture, language of cinema and it also strengthens democracy and freedom of expression. The event promotes an open dialogue between people with different views.

The Exile Film Festival's new edition will take place on 10–16 November 2023. This year's festival's overall focus is particularly on the current revolutionary liberation struggle of contemporary women worldwide, with the slogan: woman, life, freedom. This was the slogan of Iranian women fighting against oppression and injustice in Iran.

This comprehensive theme consists of 5 independent special programs on the situation of women in Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan-Kobane and Palestine, as well as women and war.

In the other programs, the festival focuses on themes such as free speech and censorship, the situation of immigrant youth in marginalized neighborhoods and the struggle for peace.

The Exile Film Festival's program consists of the main program and 11 thematic program parts, all of which are based on the globally current individual and general human issues. The festival's program will be held in six cinemas and valuable cultural centers around Greater Gothenburg and its suburbs.

The Exile Film Festival screens films by exiled filmmakers and immigrant filmmakers on free themes in its main program. But in special and side programs, films by non-exiled filmmakers are screened according to the programs' themes. The last date for registration is 20 August 2023.

To get more information about the festival itself and this year's festival program parts, you should check the film festival's website or contact the festival coordinator via the festival's e-mail.


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