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Winners of Toronto Women Film Festival

Toronto Women Film Festival focuses on female driven stories, independent female directors, producers, writers, actresses, cinematographers, editors, and all female artists contributing to the language of cinema as women in film. The festival also selects films created by all genders from all over the world from various backgrounds, cultures and traditions dealing with women in society. Toronto Women Film Festival is a monthly and annual event. The virtual monthly competition announces the best of the month in various categories and aims to discover, promote and award female filmmakers and artists working in media. All the monthly award winners are then nominated for the annual competition and the screening of the festival in Toronto.

The festival committee is planning to screen 250 films in September for its annual program in Toronto. The films of the annual festival are selected from the award winners of the monthly editions. It is important to recognize talented female voices and female artists from all over the world.

Here are the latest winners of the monthly edition of the festival:

Best Narrative Feature:

Pooling to Paradise

Director: Roxy Shih

Best Narrative Short:

Miranda's Marionettes

Director: Hortense Lingjaerde

Best Feature Documentary:

Right Now I Want to Scream

Director: Siobhán Wills and Cahal McLaughlin

Honorable Mention Feature Documentary:

Fisher Queen- Women vs. Nature

Director: Jeonghwa Shin

Best Short Documentary:

Daughters of Drought

Directors: Melissa Godin, William Martin

Honorable Mention Short Documentary:

Phenomxnal Womxn

Director: Alexxa Walker

Best Experimental:

QARDOUN [La Passation]

Director: Sarah El Hamed

Honorable Mention Experimental:

To Garbo and Lenin

Director: Jessica Laurén

Best Comedy:

Bits and Pieces

Director: Lindsay Stidham

Best Science Fiction:


Director: NAERI DO

Best Horror:


Director: Nichelle S. Montgomery

Best Animation:


Director: Henrike Lendowski

Honorable Mention Animation:

Nailing It

Director: Kaprawi Norhayati

Best Web/TV/Pilot:


Director: Eva Lanska

Best Music Video:

Woman's Enlightenment

Director: Koutaro Ishida

Best Student Film:

The Summer Of Snakes

Director: Lara Panah-Izadi

Honorable Mention Student Film:


Director: Katrine Weber

Best Actress:

Hallways and Doors

Actress: Cooper Shaw

Best Female Cinematographer:


Cinematographer: Sarah Smither

Best Female Scriptwriter:

Bolero in the elders house

Writer: Linda Fejzaj

Best Female Producer:

KEEP OUT! -Women Over 60 Only

Producer: Seungju Lee

Best Female Editor:

After the Facts

Editor: Karen Pearlman

Best Female Director:

Angel Mountain

Dir: Karen Schuback

Best Female Composer:


Composer: Maria Finkelmeier


The Pageant

Director: Kasey O'Brien

Best Human Rights Film:

The Wind on your Skin

Director: Naomi Beukes, Birgit Stauber, Jana von Hase

Honorable Mention Human Rights Film:

The Least We Can Do

Director: Moira Simpson

Honorable Mention Documentary & Best Poster:

1974 1979. Le nostre ferite

Director: Monica Repetto

Best Film About Women:

Leaving to live

Director: David Rodrigues

Honorable Mention:


Director: Champ Ensminger

Best Canadian Female Filmmaker:


Director: Louise Leroux

Best Environmental Film:


Director: Ami Vitale and David Allen

Honorable Mention Environmental:

'Your Water, My Water'

Director: Wendy Rogers

Best First Time Female Filmmaker:

A Heart Dies Twice

Director: Itziar Martinez

Honorable Mention First Time Filmmaker:


Director: Constance Hilton

Best Thriller:


Director: Cas Sigers-Beedles

Best Unproduced Script:


Writer: Helen Taylor

Best Historical Film:

This Water Cuts Its Own Course

Director: Diane Fellows

Best Biographical Film:

The Iliterate poet

Director: Sonia Méndez Alonso

Best Sport Film:

Body and Soul

Director: Magali Chapelan


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