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Winners of Toronto Film Magazine

Toronto Film Magazine has announced the latest winners of its online monthly festival. The festival of the magazine specializes in arthouse filmmaking and it has grown into a popular competition with talented filmmakers from all over the world.

It is truly our pleasure to announce our best of the month.

Best Comedy:

The Assistant

Directed by: Peter Calvin

Best Producer:

Brent Crable & Rona Davis for The Assistant

Best Actor:

Daniel Mann for The Assistant

Best Actress:

Lindi Cecile for You Up?

Best Short Film:


Directed by: Ashley Eakin

Special Mention in Short Filmmaking:

Miss you, Dad

Directed by: Neera Zaveri


Directed by: Katie Trubetsky

Best Animation:

Couragous Mice

Directed by: Sara García, Miriam García

Best directing:

The Invitation

Directed by: Thorsten Schade

Special mention directing:

Tell Me Who I Am

Directed by: Luca Caserta

Best Student Film:

Day One

Directed by: Xavier Vance

Best Series/Pilot/Web:

Smoking Gun

Directed by: Pablo Bobadilla

Best Horror:

Look Twice

Directed by: Kyle Wilson


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