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Winners of Toronto International Women Film Festival

Women are involved in the film industry in all roles, including as film directors, actresses, cinematographers, film producers, film critics, and other film industry professions, though women have been underrepresented in creative positions. Women have always had a presence in film acting, but have consistently been underrepresented, and on average significantly less well paid. On the other hand, many key roles in filmmaking were for many decades done almost entirely by men, such as directors and cinematographers. In more recent times, women have made inroads and made contributions to many of these fields.

Toronto International Women Film Festival celebrates and recognizes films made by talented female filmmakers from all over the world. The festival is monthly and annual and is sponsored by Toronto Film Magazine and Toronto Film Channel in Canada.

The festival believes in the power of female filmmakers and the voices of women in cinema and their contributions to the cinematic language. The organizers of the festival recently announced the award winners of its latest edition.

Best Narrative Feature

“Acting: The First Six Lessons”

Directed by: Emily Bridges

Best Narrative Short

Naval Gazing

Directed by: Aisha Evelyna

Best Feature Documentary

Maria the Korean Bride: Ghost Wedding

Directed by: Maria Yoon

Best Short Documentary

The Best Time

Directed by: Jessica Crossman

Best Experimental

The Way We Are

Directed by: Donald Li

Best Comedy

Room Temperature

Directed by: Brandy Seymour

Best Horror

Double Edged

Directed by: Cliona Concetta

Best Animation

The Ancestral Tree

Directed by: p.a. duquette

Best Web/TV/Pilot


Directed by: Natalia Montecinos

Best Music Video

Naima- A N I M A

Directed by: Natalie Jean-Marain, Shyam Jones



Directed by: Zhou Weijia

Best Female Director

Honorable Sins

Directed by: Susan Singh

Best Actress

Naval Gazing

Starring:Charis Ann Wiens

Best Producer

Dear Elijah

Producer: Brenda Yvonne Todd

Best Student Film & Best Cinematographer


Directed by: Maggie Smith

DOP by: Taylor Sniffen

Best Script

13th Street Scare

Written by: Cecilia Copeland

Best Science fiction & Best Editor


Directed by: Brandy Seymour

Edited by: Crystal Ash

Best Human Rights & Best Poster

Unlearning Sex

Directed by: Zanah Thirus


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