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Winners of Toronto Film Channel Awards

Toronto Film Channel Awards recently announced the winners of its latest edition. The festival provides a screening platform to various film festivals and it also showcases independent of all genres.

Here is the list of the latest winners of the IMDb qualifying Toronto Film Channel Awards:

Best Independent Narrative Feature:


Directed by: Julian Filigno

Best Independent Narrative Short:

Hard Work

Directed by: Julie Pacino

Best Canadian Short

Directed by: Bobby Markov

Best Documentary


Directed by: Jake Knowles

Best Horror

Queen of the Dead

Directed by: Justin Head

Best Experimental


Directed by: Rob DiNinni, Jeffrey Palmer

Best Animation

Survival Strategy

Directed by: Jung Eun Kim

Best Indie Series


Directed by: Omri Anghel, Lauren LeBeouf

Best Comedy

Fast Forward Style

Directed by: Kari Kennon

Honorable Mention Documentary

Why We Love War

Directed by: Pankaja Brooke


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