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Winners of TFM

The Toronto Film magazine has an IMDb qualifying contest which has devoted itself to the recognition and promotion of independent film talents. TFM is a platform which seeks to create opportunities for talented artists working in media. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the latest edition of the festival.

Best Feature Docu:

The Captain's heart

Director: Simon Bang

Best Short Narrative

Geography of the Heart

Director: Alexandra Billington

Best Comedy & Best Horror What Lurks Director: Luis Daniel Best Science Fiction & Best Indie Film The Fore-men Director Adrian Bobb Best Animation 10:35 Director: Alan Sánchez Best Experimental & Best Cinematographer Diablo's Diaries Director: Jimmy Derner Best Student Film


Nancy Jones

Best Series/Web/Pilot The Centre Cheryl Sibany Best Director BLUE MOON Director: Emily Ruhl Best Actress

Laura Liu

Birds Fly

Best Actor

Reza Dehghani

Actors of God

Best Editor Luis Daniel Revival Best Composer Dario Vero Close the loop Best Screenplay BLOOD, SCUM & NEON LIGHTS Writer: Brett Howard Nelson


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