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What we need to know about the latest winners of Art Film Spirit Awards

The Toronto Art Film Spirit Awards is an international competition which aims to promote and recognize the best of indie cinema from all over the world. The members of the jury for each edition are selected from award winning artists, filmmakers, producers, writers and actors based in Toronto and all over the world. The competition focuses on the spirit of cinema, indie filmmaking and artists who have dedicated their life to their art.

Independent film is often thought of as an antidote to the mainstream Hollywood blockbuster. In the beginning, independent film was everything that the major films studio films were not.

It is our pleasure to announce the latest winners of the competition.

Best Narrative Feature

EALLOGIERDU The tundra within me Director: Sara Margrethe Oskal

Best Feature Documentary

Longing for the Soul; A Quest for Rumi Director: Aryana Farshad

Best Narrative Short

The Third Bedroom Director: Kathryn Van Buren

Best Short Director

Waves Director: Jessica Graham

Best Indie Film & Best Director

In Her Name Director: Sarah Carter

Best Short Sci-Fi

The Film Director: Nadia Guo

Best Animation

Autumn Leaves Director: Elizabeth Lewis

Best Experimental

I Saw Myself in Two Director: Scarlett Pivaro Monaghan

Best Student Film

Heavy Crown Director: Ahmed Basher

Best Web/Series


Honorable Mention Director

The River Director: Joseph Paul Alvarado

Best Composer Kikum Spirit (The Untold African Story) Piripboi Entertainment

Best Script STAY WITH ME Writer Pozsgai Zsolt



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Antonio Bellido
Antonio Bellido
Oct 12, 2023


Antonio Bellido
Antonio Bellido
Oct 12, 2023

Best Web/Series

ALIENAZION - The Conquest of Space Writer


A great war started by "THE RED DRAGON", commanded by the Amphibians and Mantids expels "THE GREAT SPIRIT", leader of the Illuminati and Reptilians of the constellation of Orion. The defeated take refuge in Zazión -the planet of the Oranges-. From there "THE GREAT SPIRIT" reorganizes and surprises his rival in the war for the conquest of Earth. It transforms that Planet and turns it into a technological platform ready to start "The Conquest of Space".

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