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Toronto Women Film Festival

It is an important task for the Toronto Women Film Festival to continue promoting and recognizing female artists in various sections of the festival. It is with great pleasure to announce the winners of the monthly edition. The annual event of Toronto Women Film Festival will be a hybrid event with online screenings of finalists and an award ceremony and live screening of the best films of the year in TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Best Narative Feature: Sunflower Dir: Elmira Gilma

Best Narrative Short: Boundless Dir: Kate Campbell

Best Feature Documentary: Abbas 36 Dir: Marwa Jbara Tibi & Nidal Rafa

Honorable mention Feature Documentary:

A Letter to A’ma Dir: Hui-Ling CHEN

Best Short Documentary: Women of Resilience Dir: Roselyn Kelada-Sedra

Best Experimental: In Her Image Dir: Yael Solomonovich

Honorable mention Best Experimental: : Possible Fragments Dir: Gabriela Mellao

Best Comedy: Beach Cops Dir: Laura Flakowski

Best Science Fiction : Skylight Dir; Michelle Godoy Priske

Best Horror: The Going Dir: Mairin O'Hagan

Best Animation: On the inside Dir: Anna Luisa Schmid

Best Web/TV/Pilot : PRISONER Dir: Ingrid FRANCHI

Best Music Video: Bella Rosa - Dead Lies Dir: Paula Vergara

Best Student Film: Dedication Dir: Selina Sondermann

Best Actress: Astrid Van Wieren THE RIVER YOU STEP IN

Best Female Cinematographer Victoria Bridges Roberta on the Road

Best Female Scriptwriter: Sandra Tingalay A Road to Freedom of Myanmar

Best Female Producer: Tara Donovan Guide On

Best Female Director: Yoshino Takemoto Left of Chopin

Best Female Composer: Yifeng Yuan Time to Dream

Best LGBTQ: JULKA AND JULIE Dir: Gloria Stern

Best Human Rights: Three Corners of Deception Dir: Dr. Meleeka Clary

Best Poster: Alma Dir: Lorraine Jones Molina

Best Films About Women: My Tibetan Godchild Dir: Andy Svensson

Best Canadian Female Filmmaker: Ana Carrizales A Pregnant Woman

Best Environmental: Ama'ara - the Song of the Whales Dir: Sebastian Jobst

Honorable mention Best Environmental: Returning to Strength Lessons about development from Tlamacazapa, Mexico

Dir: Susan Smith Best First Time Female Filmmaker The Chased Dir: Emily Isaacs, Gino Isaacs

Best Thriller: The Things in Between Dir: Rosario Rieger

Best Unproduced Script: There Were Signs Writer: Dr. Anne Watson

Best Historical Film: Votes for Women: The History of Women’s Suffrage Through Song

Dir: Barbara Cray

Honorable mention Best Historical:

A Tale of Three Chinatowns Dir: Lisa Mao, Penny Lee



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Thanks a lot for rewarding my short Documentary Film: "My Tibetan Godchild".



Thank you very much for recognizing all of my hard work and team members during the making of “Three corners of Deception film” . This is truly a blessing to be awarded the Best Human Rights Director. It is always a great feeling to be viewed as someone who can contribute towards helping today’s Evolution regarding social change! Thank you again for the acknowledgments.


Thank you so much for the acknowledgment of the best female scriptwriter with the script, A Road to Freedom of Myanmar. It means a lot to me and my country. Really appreciate it. We definitely redeem t justice and freedom with people's power.





Dr.Janet Juvans
Dr.Janet Juvans

Greetings 🙏

Hai I am Dr. Janet J, Film Artist cum Film Maker from India. My documentary feature film named WINDOW 2020 Officially selected by your team( Received by email ) . But I couldn't find out from your website.

Hence kindly send me its link..

Looking forward for your help, support and encouragement in future.


Dr. Janet J

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