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The Winners of TFM

Toronto Film Magazine has dedicated itself to the recognition and promotion of indie filmmaking, artists, film festivals and emerging talents and film institutions from all over the globe. The magazine committee also organizes an online fest with jury members who are selected from award winning artists. Toronto Film Magazine fest promotes the award winners of each edition through the magazine and social media to thousands of subscribers and followers from film industry professionals. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the latest edition of Toronto Film Magazine.

Best Narrative feature & Best Director

Finding the End of the World Director: Fabián Corres

Best Documentary

DirectorSteven Vitali

Honorable mention Documentary

AUTISM ACROSS THE GLOBE Director: Rima Joseph Irani

Best Comedy Schoolin' Around Director: John Taylor

Best Science Fiction


Directors: Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater

Best Experimental Mister D Director: Gary Beeber

Best Narrative Short

Maid Director: Melanie V. Mendez Munden

Best Student Film Venice Drifting Director: Liam Peter Mills Best Web-Series Script Rock Wars by Debbie Troche Best Actor Merry Go Round Don Knill Best Composer: October Eleventh Tyler Belluz

Best Indie Film The Cleaners Directors: Philippe Demers, Olivier Ste-Marie

Best Actress Merry Go Round Nicole Marie Hunt Best Feature Screenplay Little Things Mean a Lot Writer: Michael Monteith Best Short Screenplay: Appearances Writer: Joan Tofteland


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