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The script of World Cup

World Cup is about a ten-year-old boy who learns he can manipulate the 2026 World Cup scores while playing a video game. On a flight to Toronto, Mateo (10) meets Sioux shaman trainee Enapay, who gives him a code to help beat a video soccer game. When Mateo gets home and tries it out, the TV switches to live coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2026, hosted by Canada, Mexico and the US.

Mateo is shocked when he realizes that he can control the actions of the real soccer players who participate in the tournament. He shows the phenomenon to his best friends, Isabella and Cormac. The kids have fun creating lots of unexpected results and incredible game situations in the World Cup, which affect sports commentator Doug’s job in hilarious, weird ways.

Mateo’s dream of the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team winning the World Cup takes shape. Mateo’s father, Scott (44), spies on the kids and finds out what’s going on. He decides to bet money on World Cup games to pay back his gambling debts and earn some extra cash. Scott tries to play himself but his lack of experience in video games causes the comic effects. Father and son begin to bond as Mateo coaches his dad how to play Xbox, and the Canadians continue their winning streak.

Scott’s winning streak gets the attention of Las Vegas gangsters. Upset that the World Cup odds are going haywire, they send their best man, Wladymir, to go after Scott. But Scott and Mateo are able to escape from the would-be hitman at a Disney theme park. Back home, Mateo’s little brother Arturo busts the console. Mateo cannot enter the code during the semifinal game. Canadians defend desperately against the front runner Brazil, but manage to break out and score a winning goal. Mateo is determined to find Enapay to secure Canada’s win in the World Cup final. Mateo, Isabella and Cormac track Enapay down, and he gives them an alternative, one-time code. At the game, Wladymir and a group of thugs hold The President of the United States and The Canadian Prime Minister hostage in the stadium. They also steal the World Cup trophy. Mateo decides to use the code to control Wladymir and take out his gang, saving the hostages, but rendering the code useless for the game itself. Enapay’s master, Tawachi, discovers that he gave the code to a child and punishes him before allowing Scott to win enough money in a poker game for a family camping trip. Scott reaffirms his love for his wife and promises that he is done with gambling now and forever.

World Cup is written by Piotr Kaszuba. He believes that there is a huge market for sports and family comedies genre. World Cup is seated on the cute idea that a 10-year-old kid can manipulate real players competing in the 2026 FIFA tournament. He makes this event a big mess and the funniest World Cup ever. Soccer is growing tremendously in Canada. Popularity of stars like Alfonso Davies is skyrocketing. Additionally, video gaming and soccer together as movie themes can hit the bull’s-eye for a successful enterprise both nationally and worldwide.

The script of World Cup was recently nominated by Montreal Independent Film Festival and was also an official selection of Page Turner Screenplays, Toronto Film Magazine and Oaxaca Film Fest


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