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The Life of Dr. Thomas Freeman

Dr. Thomas Freeman was an American lecturer in debate, orator, and preacher. His students included Martin Luther King Jr., Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, and Mickey Leland.

How did you start making films and what was the first film project you worked on? I was intrigued with cameras, so I decided to write a script and film my work. The rest is history. My first film was Casino Murder, a Murder Mystery based on a married man who had a gambling addiction. This Character had many enemies that wanted him dead, including his wife. What genre of filmmaking are you looking to work on and why? I love making documentaries. I have a passion for storytelling, information and educating audiences regarding history. What is the most challenging aspect of being an independent filmmaker? The most challenging aspect of being an independent filmmaker for me, was my budget. How challenging is it to fund indie films? It's extremely challenging if you don't have name recognition or a budget. Please name three of your most favorite directors. How have they been influential in your work? My three favorite Directors are: Spike Lee, Tyler Perry and Ava DuVernay. These directors are pioneers in the film industry. What does it take to be a pioneer? Each director has experienced disappointments and struggles. However, through these adversities, they managed to become aspiring leaders in the film community. The reason I think they have become influential is because throughout the struggles they faced, no one gave up. They thrived. What is your next film project and what are you currently working on? The life of Dr. Thomas Freeman, a world-Famous Debate Coach at Texas Southern University. He died in 2021 at age 100. My next film is The James Harrell Story. This film takes you inside the life of a black man, who was incarcerated and constantly facing negative stereotypes in his community. James over comes these hardships through holding on to his faith. The next project is The Honorary Mayor Sandra Hines of Sunnyside, Texas. This film shows how Mayor Hines takes an underserved community to a level of rebuilding and hope. What was the inspiration behind your latest film project? Mayor Sandra Hines is committed to helping the residents of Sunnyside,Texas and I wanted to share her story with the world. How did you find the cast and the crew of the film? My cast consist of family, friends and church members. My Sister and Brother in-law are Associate Producers, Darlene and John Bell. Michael Harris and Bridget Harris are Producers. Cynthia Savoie is Lead Actress, Gregory Williams and James Gleen are Production Managers. What is the distribution plan of the film and did the film receive any screenings or was it featured in festivals? I'm currently working on distribution and have been recognized and received a few awards.

( Festival Awards )

The life of Dr.Thomas Freeman

Tabriz Cinema Award 2022

Venus Community Award 2022

LA Indies-Nominee 2022

LA Sun Film Festival 2022

Art Film Spirit Award-Nominee 2022

WRPN Women’s International Film Festival

Exceptional Merit 2022

Women Director Film Carnival

Finalist 2022

Why do you make films and what kind of impact would your work have on the world?

I make films because story telling is my passion! The world will see my passion through my films.

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