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Toronto Film Channel Awards: An Innovative Festival

Toronto Film Channel Awards is an innovative festival and a screening platform dedicated to discovering and promoting independent features and shorts from all over the world. The IMDb qualifying monthly festival has been very popular in the past few years and many films were discovered, screened, distributed and recognized by the film industry. It is important to encourage independent filmmakers and artists to continue creating groundbreaking independent films and Toronto Film Channel has done a fantastic job by creating a very exciting lineup of selections and winners.

The award winners of the festival were announced by the committee as follows:

Best Independent Film

Tango Shalom

Director: Gabriel Bologna

Best Narrative Feature


Director: Driss Roukhe

Best Narrative Short

The Just

Director: Kandace Cornell

Best Female director

Jen, 28

Director: Iyin Landre

Best Art Film & Best Directing of the month


Directors: Jean Laurenz, Evan Chapman , Kevin Eikenberg

Honorable Mention Short

Green Banana

Director: Richard Zelniker

Best Student Film

For Myself, Alone

Director: Victor Dubyna

Best Student Documentary

Access Granted

Director: Alex Balant

Best Feature Documentary

Fisher Queen- Women vs. Nature

Director: Jeonghwa Shin

Honorable Mention Feature Documentary

The Yellow Queen - a road movie

Director: Lucio Arisci

Best Sports Documentary


Director:Michael Messner

Best Short Documentary

The Customer Is Always Right?

Director: Carter Hadlow, Talen Ukiyo

Honorable Mention Short Documentary

Sacrificial Virgins

Director: Andi Reiss

Best Short Horror

The Rage

Director: Steven DeRock

Honorable Mention Short Horror


Director: Nichelle S. Montgome

Best Experimental


Director: Alberto Martín-Aragón

Honorable Mention Experimental


Director: Gillian Butcher

Best Thriller

The dark side of the wall

Director: Tiburce

Honorable Mention Thriller

ENIGMA - The Fallen Angel

Director: Abhay Thakur

Best Music Video

"Carousel Girl"

Directed by: Fran Sisco, Matina Grammas

Best Animation

On / Off

Director: Nicolas P. Villarreal

Honorable Mention Animation


Director: Alexandros Romanos Lizardos, Akis Melachris

Best Series & Best Actress

Chronicles of Jessica Wu

Director: Zane Hubbard

Starring: Helena Alexis-Seymour

Best Script


Writer: Sarkes Yakhnis

Honorable Mention Script

Sexual Addicts Redemption

Writer: Marco Taloni

Best Cinematography

Until We Meet Again

DOP: Noah David Smith

Director: Nariman Hamed

Best Canadian Short & Best Actor


Director: Maxime Duval

Starring: Pierre-François Bouffard

Best Composer

Director: Alexandro Pacheco

Honorable Mention Composer:

The Long Hair

Composer: Brian Katona

Honorable Mention Short

Director: Mikael Drobny


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