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Steven Spielberg will make his Toronto Film Festival debut with The Fabelmans

Steven Spielberg is coming to the Toronto International Film Festival. The 75-year-old Hollywood director will make his first TIFF appearance with the semi-autobiographical drama The Fabelmans, starring Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Vancouver-born Seth Rogen. The 20th century coming-of-age tale draws from Spielberg's youth in Arizona with the story of a young man, played by Gabriel LaBelle, who learns of a shattering family secret just as he discovers the power of cinema.

Spielberg co-wrote The Fabelmans, his first screenwriting effort since 2001's sci-fi epic A.I. Artificial Intelligence. He worked alongside frequent collaborator Tony Kushner, who wrote Munich, Lincoln and West Side Story.

Each of those films launched significant awards campaigns upon their release, but all of them skipped premieres at TIFF, one of the biggest launch pads for Oscar consideration.

TIFF is set to take place from Sept. 8 to 18 this year, while The Fabelmans will make its way to movie theatres in late November.

TIFF is set this year for Sept. 8 to 18, while "The Fabelmans" will make its way to movie theatres in late November. Organizers at TIFF have been handing out morsels of this year's film slate over the past several weeks, most recently announcing that Harry Styles drama "My Policeman" will make its world premiere. Other recent film announcements include "The Woman King," starring Viola Davis, the ensemble whodunit "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery" and "Brother," Clement Virgo's adaptation of a coming-of-age novel set in Toronto's hip-hop scene.


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