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Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare is about Akin, a businessman with many enemies. He is not aware that he has witches in his business with a mission to close the business down. His father's house is engrossed in witchcraft. There is an unknown covenant that all the wives in his father's house will be initiated into witchcraft. Akin has distanced himself from all this evil foundation. He comes to the knowledge of all this in the middle of his life but can he fight the good fight of faith? It was our pleasure to speak with the producer of the film, Isaac Odeniran.

How did you start making films and what was the first film project you worked on?

I started making films from my first documentary which was about the History of British Gospel Music - It is called the Jordan's Demeanour Project.

What genre of filmmaking are you looking to work on and why?

I generally work on Black Ethnic Faith based inspirational and urban films.

What is the most challenging aspect of being an independent filmmaker?

The most challenging aspect of being an independent film maker is the limited resources available to make your project.

How challenging is it to fund indie films?

With respect to funding my independent films, I normally use my own financial resources and then get benefits in kind. For example people donate location, transportation, their time, their writing and their acting.

Please name three of your most favorite directors. How have they been influential in your work?

I have no favorite Directors at the moment.

What is your next film project and what are you currently working on?

I am working on two films at the moment, in pre-production. They are Angry People of God and Father!. I also have an array of scripts I am developing.

What was the inspiration behind your latest film project?

Angry People of God deals with topical issues such as inter racial marriage, oppressive religious leaders and social injustice so I am inspired to highlight these kind of issues. Father! Deals with absent Fathers who fight continuously to see their children, again I am inspired to tell the story from the absent Father's point of view.

How did you find the cast and the crew of the film?

We find the cast and crew we work with through our networks, through people we know in the industry and through adverts on social media platforms.

What is the distribution plan of the film and did the film receive any screenings or was it featured in festivals?

The films we have released normally do a Festival circuit and then get released on various digital platforms. We also Licence films to different distributors.

Why do you make films and what kind of impact would your work have on the world?

We make films to tell stories about the Black British experience, the Black diaspora experience, Black British heritage and about spiritual and taboo matters that will normally get swept under the carpet.


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