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Seasonal Winners of Toronto Women Film Fest

Toronto Women Film Festival celebrates and recognizes films made by talented female filmmakers from all over the world. The festival is an IMDb qualifying seasonal and annual festival. The festival also screens best films about women every year in Carlton Cinema and various art centers in Toronto.

Every seasonal edition, the festival focuses on female driven stories, independent female directors, producers, writers, actresses, cinematographers, editors, and all female artists contributing to the language of cinema as women in film.

Toronto Women Festival has become one of the most popular festivals dedicated to female talents in the film industry.

Best Narrative Feature

The Stranger

Director: Veena Sud

Best Narrative Short

The Herring Girls

Director: Rekha Garton

Best Feature Documentary

Ninety Minutes Later

Director: Cyndy Fujikawa

Best Short Documentary

Remembering Sudan: The Last Male Northern White Rhino

Director: Ami Vitale

Best Experimental

It Cannot be Contained

Director: Marte Aas

Best Comedy


Director: Lain Kienzle

Best Science Fiction

The Marinn Company

Director: Emma Swider

Best Horror

Unborn Biru

Director: Inga Elin Marakatt

Best Animation


Directors: Chenghua Yang َ and Shang Zhang

Best Web/TV/Pilot

Sunrise RUBY

Director: Amberlee Colson, Steven Anderson, Thomas Simon

Best Music Video

World, we need peace.

Director: Valeriia Sergiivna Okhtyrchanka

Best Student Film


Director: Diana Zamojska

Best Actress

Maria McDermottroe


Honorable Mention Actress:

Clare Chun

Shelter in Place

Best Cinematographer

Arina Kosmina

The Heart of Baikal

Best Scriptwriter

Barbara L Hamilton

In the name of love and light

Best Producer

Shqipe Malushi and Zana Hoxha Hoxha

BIBA MAY "No More"

Best Editor

Anne Sopel


Best Director

Denise Bouchard

Notre Dame de Moncton

Best Composer

Valentina Pappalardo

What We Did Yesterday

Best Human Rights

My Maysoon

Director: Batoul Karbijha

Best Film About Women

Our Silent Voices

Director: Grégoire Couvert

Best Canadian Filmmaker

Alison Fairweather Murray


Best Environmental

Sama Dilaut

Director: Christine Ramos

Best First-Time Filmmaker


Director: Maureen Payne-Hahner

Best thriller


Director: Jack Creaghan

Best Unproduced Script


Writer: Jana Williams

Best Historical Film

The Coal Women

Director: Renee L Green

Best Biographical Film

Incorrigible - A film about Velma Demerson

Director: Karin Louise Lee

Best Sport Film

Born in the Barn: Part 1

Director: Kristin Lee Ojaniemi

Best Youth Artist

Soleia Clark



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