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No Safe Space

The summer of 2019/2020 saw bushfires continually ravage Kangaroo Island. This film tells the stories of some of the west end farming community of Kangaroo Island, sharing their experiences of survival on just one day - January 3rd. On that evening the CFS broadcast a map alerting the public that there was no safe space on the island, a place with a population of over 4,500 and an additional 750 (plus) holidaying tourists. That day was a stark reminder of our changing planet.

David Foreman comes from a professional background as a cinematographer in the film industry. His work includes documentary and drama productions in both Australia and internationally. Since moving to live on Kangaroo Island, David has pursued an interest in installation art involving moving and still images. His film work now focuses on independent documentary production with a primary interest in the arts and the environment.

Director Statement

Shortly after the 2019/2020 bushfires on Kangaroo Island, the west end farming community reached out to en plein air Films to record some of their stories. As islanders ourselves we wanted to help during this traumatic time. Storytelling was therapeutic for these survivors as well as being a record for the future. 'No Safe Space' is a film documenting their resilience and recovery.


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