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Mark Of The Banshee

Mark of the Banshee is a horror film about a single mother struggle to defend her pregnant teenage daughter from the ancestral curse of a Banshee who's come back to claim her.

Growing up in a military family, Nicol Eilers was constantly on the move. She lived all over Europe and the United States before landing as a teenager in Phoenix, Arizona. Nicol has been intrigued with film since she was in high school, which developed from her storytelling through photography and acting. She first began making films at the University of Arizona when she transferred from Theatre into the Media Arts Program. Nicol’s writing is greatly influenced by technology news, where she finds inspiration from non-fiction books, articles, and blogs. Themes near to her heart are the human experience, class, and the environment. From her first job as a Production Assistant for a reality television show to writing & directing films, Nicol has a great passion for sharing stories through the lens of a camera. She won the Sci-Fi category for Script Pipeline's First Look Project in 2015. She's also placed in the semi-finals of the Moondance International Film Festival and in the quarter-finals of the Austin Film Festival, Page International Screenwriting Awards, Screencraft, and Final Draft’s Big Break. Nicol is currently working on scripts for several feature films, concepts for a documentary, and prepping to direct her first feature film.


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