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Making a friend

Making A Friend is a 12-minute drama short film. In "Making a Friend," Jonathan Cooper, a young autistic man seeking acceptance, attends a meet-and-greet event. Here, he musters the courage to approach Grim Andrews. However, an altercation at the event threatens their budding friendship, challenging Jonathan's quest for connection and understanding in a world that often misunderstands him. This narrative explores the complexities of social interactions for those on the autism spectrum and the impact of first impressions in forming meaningful relationships.

Anthony Carniello, a Toronto Film School alumnus, is a passionate filmmaker, producer, and digital content creator. His ambition is to create enduring, impactful projects that unite and inspire audiences. With a keen eye for detail, Anthony crafts visual narratives that deeply resonate with viewers. Having autism, Anthony brings unique perspectives to his work, advocating for change through his storytelling. His strengths in time management, communication, and problem-solving make him a pivotal figure in any creative team.

Anthony's dedication to his craft goes beyond entertainment; it's about creating a legacy of unity, understanding, and transformation in the world of cinema.

Watch Making A Friend:


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