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Lonely Love

Camille, a young sex worker in her twenties, has arranged to meet at a cheap motel with her recurrent client, Samuel. Soon after, they are kicked out by an uptight and nosy manager, who has for a long time suspected of their endeavors. Samuel, not ready to say goodbye to Camille, suggests going to a diner. It is there where he will gain the confidence to expresses his wishes of making their relationship exclusive, implying that if she agrees he would take care of her economic situation. Camille, clearly uncomfortable by the offer, leaves the restaurant. She then receives a call from her proud mother, who is completely unaware of her day job, and an email from her bank with some bad news. Feeling extremely pressured by everyone around her, Camille is pushed into making a decision about her future.

Fernanda is a graduate of the Film Production Program at Toronto Film School. She has always had a passion for stories and the process of making them come to life.

She was born and raised in Mexico where she took several workshops about screenwriting and directing actors with the writer Michael Rowe and director Luis Mandoki. She also co-hosted the Spanish language movie podcast Cinepop for 30 episodes. With the intention to expand her education in filmmaking and hopes of starting a career as a writer and director, Fernanda moved to Toronto. She has since made a student documentary called “Life Behind the Stigma” about Jessica Starling an independent adult film creator. Fernanda’s passion for storytelling is rooted in telling stories that matter and giving voices to the people who have historically been turned a blind eye to. Her current and previous projects include themes of sex work, sexuality, and feminism.

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