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Golden Pen Writers

Golden Pen Script Awards has recently announced the winners of its latest IMDb qualifying competition which is devoted to screenwriting from taletend international writers working on a variety of genres for film and TV. It is our pleasure to announce the latest winners of Golden Pen Script Awards.

Best Short Screenplay The Fast Runner Writer: Michael Bruce Adams

Best Feature Screenplay I Met Her at Birkenau Writer: Laurie Clemens Maier

Best Television Script Shrunk Writer: Chase Bradburn

Best First Time Writer (Feature) Saving Roses Writer: Louann Teresa Fernald

Best First Time Writer (Short) The Author (screenplay) Writer: Marillyn Burton Seeberger

Best Creative Writer Imogen, Daughter of Cymbeline Writer: J Aldric Gaudet

Best Student Script THE THIEF WITHIN Writer: ARATHY K B

Best Web/Series/Pilot Script Citizen Swiatlo Proposal & Bible Writer: Christopher Swider

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galina moroz
galina moroz
28 de dez. de 2023

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