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The latest Female Talents of Toronto Women Film Festival

Toronto Women Film Festival focuses on female driven stories, independent female directors, producers, writers, actresses, cinematographers, editors, and all female artists contributing to the language of cinema as women in film.

The festival also selects films created by all genders from all over the world from various backgrounds, cultures and traditions dealing with women in society. Toronto Women Film Festival is a monthly and annual event.

The virtual monthly competition announces the best of the month in various categories and aims to discover, promote and award female filmmakers and artists working in media. All the monthly award winners are further considered by the programmers of the festival for the annual event.

Best Narrative Feature:

Sisters in the end of the world

Dir: Luciana Mazeto, Vinícius Lopes

Honorable Mention Narrative Feature:

Eurídice, far away

Dir: Susana Lastreto Prieto

Best Narrative Short:

Alone Together

Dir: Katie Sponseller

Honorable Mention Narrative Short:

Untitled Sam Bennett Project

Dir: Daniella Caggiano

Best Feature Documentary:



Honorable Mention Feature Documentary:

BROKEN VOWS: Stories of Separation

Dir: Sunnie McFadden-Curtis

Best Short Documentary:

Afghan Women

Dir: Zeynep Keçeciler

Best Experimental:

Before It Kills Us All

Dir: Margaret Lazarus

Best Comedy:

Full Service

Dir: Brandy Seymour

Best Science Fiction:

FTY: Failure to Yield

Dir: Heather Halstead

Best Horror:

Tinder Tango

Dir: Cecilia Robles

Best Animation:

Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)

Dir: Gaby Breiter

Best Web/TV/Pilot:

On A-List

Dir: Lee Foster, Tito Guillen and Nicole Simone

Best Music Video:

ANAVITÓRIA "Calendário"

Dir: Lina and Maira Fridman

Honorable Mention Music Video:

Brown Sounds

Dir: Jeremy Adonis, Raehann Bryce-Davis

Best Student Film:

Sex Work in The City

Dir: Nikita Zhang

Honorable Mention Student Film:


Dir: Ecem Çelik

Best Actress:

Tara Erickson

Film: Prime of Your Life

Honorable Mention Best Actress:

Cassie Kramer

Film: Borne, Bottled

Best Female Cinematographer:


Cinematographer: Isabel Machado And Joe Failla

Best Female Scriptwriter:

The Way Home

Writer: Ewa Stankiewicz

Best Female Producer:

True West, the John Scott story


Best Female Editor:

Jungian Archetype in Film (Part 1)

Editor: Julia Vickers

Best Female Director:

Alicia Oberle Farmer

Film: Polygamy Gone Wrong

Best Female Composer:

Glenna Burmer

Film: Nanakorobi (Seven Falls)



Dir: Mel Orpen

Best Human Rights:

Delhi Dreams

Dir: Yamini Deen, Christof Schaefer

Best Poster:

The Craving

Best Films About Women:

Sister Austere

Dir: Antoine Humbert

Honorable Mention Films About Women:

Magdalena, don’t jump

Dir: Raul Nino Juarez

Best Canadian Female Filmmaker:

The Death of Winter

Dir: Latonia Hartery

Honorable Mention Canadian Female Filmmaker:

Revolution Moosehide

Dir: Lesley Johnson

Best Environmental:


Dir: Kelly Moneymaker

Honorable Mention Environmental:

Millennials leave in peace

Dir: Louise Marie Beauchamp

Best First Time Female Filmmaker:

How I Die (Die Faehre)

Dir: Julie Le Gal

Honorable Mention First Time Female Filmmaker:

Tahi: The Human Journey

Dir: Karina J. Duffy

Best thriller:

The Craving

Dir: Russell Hopkins

Best Unproduced Script:

Look Me in The Eyes

Writer: Christa Cusack O'Neill

Best Historical Film:

The Silent Song


Best Biographical Film:

David Mirisch, The Man Behind the Golden Stars

Dir: Marcela Mariz

Honorable Mention Biographical Film:

"Behind the Name SHAKESPEARE: Power, Lust, Scorn & Scandal"

Dir: Robin Phillips

Best Sport Film:


Dir: Samar Minallah Khan



Glenna Burmer
Glenna Burmer
Apr 27, 2021

So honored to have my animation "Nanakorobi" awarded for Best Animation and Best Female composer! It's great to be part of a group of such wonderful filmmakers!


Thanks for selecting my project "Coincidence The Purpose of God"


Lesley Johnson
Lesley Johnson
Apr 07, 2021

Thank you to the festival for including Revolution Moosehide and for the Honourable Mention. Congratulations to the all the filmmakers for your lovely films.


Super happy to be part of this! :)


Christa Cusack
Christa Cusack
Apr 07, 2021

Awesome news and congratulations to all of the award winners!

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