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Do not miss the International Exile Film Festival in Sweden

We are pleased to announce that preparation for the 15th International Exile Film Festival is now in full swing. This unique festival will be inaugurated on November 12 and will last for six days across Gothenburg, Sweden.

The program of the festival includes eight program parts with various themes. We will show films and have different cultural and art seminars and lecture s related to the program in six cinemas and cultural centers in both Gothenburg city center and its suburbs.

Film sessions will be accompanied by the films and will be screened in the movie theaters following the recommendations commented on Corona epidemy by the Health Institution in Sweden. Are you willing to participate in the 2021 edition of the International Exile Film Festival?

The Exile Film Festival is a unique arena that supports solidarity, justice, freedom, democracy, and human rights across all borders via cinematography. The festival welcomes all filmmakers and producers to participate in this popular film festival in Sweden.

The Exile Film Festival is a free forum for the viewing of films made by filmmakers in exile regardless of national, ethnic or religious affiliation. In our main program, we show movies from exiled filmmakers and immigrant filmmakers on a range of free themes. In our special program, we show films made by non - exiled filmmakers on the themes of exile, immigration, and the fight for freedom and democracy.

For more information about the festival and its program & registration, please visit the festival website: www.


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