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Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins

Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins is an award winning short animation.

Tara is a little girl from Iran's Kurdish ethnic group. Life and death are intertwined in her life. When their mothers visit the graves of loved ones lost in state violence, war and bombing after Iran revolution in 1979, she and her friends play hide and seek in the graveyard back stones and trees.

Tara receives a fantastic gift for the New Year, the red shoes she has always desired. She dances joyfully and adores shoes so much that she sleeps with shoes. The bombs and conflict intensified the following morning. Tara loses her shoe companion as she and her family seek refuge in shelters. 42 years later, Tara is now a grown woman who lives in Norway with her young daughter.

Many women and men gathered in front of Norway's parliament, cutting their hair in solidarity with the Iranian women's movement in 2022, and singing the slogan "woman, life, freedom." Tara goes to a shopping center with her little daughter after the march, and her daughter chooses the exact shoe that Tara lost 42 years ago. Tara purchases shoes for her. Tara has spent many years attempting to provide her kid with everything she has been denied in her country as a girl. She survived to just give a better life to her daughter in a free and democratic society.

Essmat Sophie (Asima) is an award-winning author, award-winning film director, researcher, and activist. Born and raised in the Kurdish region of Iran. After several years living in United States, now she is living in Norway... She holds a master’s degree In information Science from University of Oslo and Tehran university, and another one in English Literature, American and British studies, from University of Oslo, and another in Social Science from Salt Lake City university. The titles of her latest books are: "Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins" (May, 2023), “Last Day of Autumn” (2021); and “In The eye of the Storm" (2013), which got the literary award "Ordknappen" Prize in Norway. She has translated some books and articles from English to other Languages. Latest translated title is: "Women's Journey from Shadow to Light". This book is translated from English to Persian. She translated some poems of Sherko Bekas from Kurdish to Norwegian. Essmat Sophie's writings have appeared in Science databases as ScienceDirect, Academy Search Premier and some literary periodicals. Sophie's stories and articles have appeared in various publications. Sophie is prolific film director and film producer. Her last animation short film: “Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins” is made in 2023. Sophie received honors and awards as the best director of animation film. or as other titles. Her recent movie won Awards at some film festivals, including the Cannes Film Awards festival in France. An excerpt from the most current unpublished novel by Essmat Sophie served as the inspiration for this animation. She is writer, producer, and director of this animation film. Sophie has given speeches on a variety of subjects, including the Iranian women's movement, the struggle and achievements of Kurdish women, human rights, writing and resistance, and many other topics.


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