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Celebration of Female Voices in Cinema

Toronto Women Film Festival celebrates female talents and artists from all over the world. The festival committee has created a great platform with a seasonal competition and annual festival dedicated to female voices who have dedicated their lives to independent filmmaking and the cinematic language. The winners of the seasonal festival are further forwarded to the annual programmers of the year which will select films to screen for the annual program through the live events in Toronto. It is our pleasure to announce the seasonal winners of the Toronto Women Film Festival.

Best Narrative Feature

Movie Girls

Director: Maria Loiter

Best Narrative Short

The Silent Canary

Director: Vera Graziadei

Best Feature Documentary

Teach me if you can

Director: Emilie Thérond

Honorable Mention Documentary

One Thousand Women

Director: Mojghan Ilanlou

Best Short Documentary

Time for caring

Director: Stephanie Brewster Ramírez

Honorable Mention Documentary

I Was One of Them...

Director: Carol Ciancutti

Best Experimental


Directors: Josèfa Ntjam, Sean Hart and Nicolas Pirus

Best Comedy

The Other V Word

Director: Kristin Goodman

Best Science Fiction

Out Of The Grey

Director: Marta Baidek

Best Horror

Look what you have done!

Director: Monica De Almeida

Best Animation

Dancing Amid Fire, Rising Above Ruins

Director: Essmat Sophie

Honorable Mention Animation

The Market

Director: Lulu (Jung) Chen

Best Web/TV/Pilot

The Interview/The Inquest (“The Coroner’s Assistant” S1E1)

Director: Angeline Walsh

Best Music Video

Here: Memories of a soul

Director: Julia Delbourg

Best Student Film

Second Chance

Director: Viktoriia Lapushkina

Best Actress

Nadezhda Ivanova

Movie Girls

Best Cinematographer

Jemma Cholawo


Best Scriptwriter

Writer: Helise Nancy Stamos


Best Producer

Rebecca Pruzan and Kim Magnusson


Best Editor

Brenda Morrissey


Best Director

Mary Christine Russell

The Otherkind

Best Composer

Jennifer Thomas

Etude For the Dreamer



Director: Anna Wheeler

Best Human Rights

I am Kanaka

Director: Genevieve Sulway

Best Film About Women

Loud Enough

Director: Hilary Klotz Steinman

Best Canadian Filmmaker

Director: Suzanne Friesen


Best Environmental

Tears of Extinction

Director: Jon Parker

Best First-Time Filmmaker

Aneta Elżbieta Novitzka

The Coal and Daughter

Best thriller


Director: Jenny Kleiman

Best Unproduced Script

The F.B.I.

Writer: Heidi Ann Dudgeon

Best Historical Film

Betty Skelton: Boundless

Director: Pam A Miller

Best Biographical Film

UNVEILED: Joyce Tenneson & the Heroine's Journey

Director: Rebecca Dreyfus, David Wright, Randy Gebhardt

Best Sport Film

Dreama Team

Director: Chad Weber, Steve Vanderheide

Best Youth Artist

Sylvester Birk Rumle Pedersen

The Cry of a Sparrow


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