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Canadian features compete in Regina International Film Festival

Regina International Film Festival is a Canadian screen award qualifying film festival based in Saskatchewan. The Award Ceremony celebrates excellence in multiple categories of film worldwide. IFFA's robust international program seeks to build community capacity in the cinematic arts to encourage inclusion, human connection, innovation, and self-expression through storytelling. RIFFA strongly encourages stories with a unique point of view and critical perspectives that can create positive social change and empower marginalized communities.

Here are the nominees of the best Canadian feature of the year:

1. Wolves, Directed by Danny Dunlop

2. Islands, Directed by Martin Edralin

3. Migrant Birds Fly, Directed by Arsalan Baraheni

4. A Realm of Return, Directed by Tam Hoang Thanh Tran

5. Sheltering Season, Directed by Bradley Stryker

6. Roads of Ithriyah, Directed by Javier Badillo


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