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Body Scans

'Body Scans' is a self-portrait of the filmmaker's relationship with her period and living with endometriosis, a chronic illness predominately affecting women. Endometriosis is a common condition that remains poorly understood and difficult to treat, leaving many women feeling simultaneously invaded and neglected by the medical system. Here, the private becomes public and the invisible is opened to scrutiny. The film is a moving collage, juxtaposing medical scans, doctor's notes, and photographs to reveal the spaces left unreconciled between data and bodily experience.

Prisca Edwards received her BFA in photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology and is now working towards her MFA at Hunter College. Her work focuses on issues that elude simple policy or social action solutions. Instead, they are messy, multifactorial, and deeply entangled in the lives of the people they impact. Prisca is a mentor to teen filmmakers and her photography has appeared in WMN Zine. She lives in Brooklyn NY, USA.

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