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After Masks

After masks is an emotional and therapeutic collaboration triggered and inspired by the unprecedented reshaping of our society, during the stay at home order. This is a full, rich, and beautiful film shot in locations including Orlando, Denver, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Boulder and more. Actors were cast and rehearsed over video, equipment was shipped to multiple locations across the country, and shoots were completed with professional, virtual support.

The five distinctly different stories were individually produced and directed, each addressing a different theme, and are seamlessly woven together with interstitial artistic commentary by narrator, Mitchell Hoog (Saved By The Bell). The feature project is directed by Manaal Khan, Tayo Amos, Rebekah Wiggins, John Crockett, and Brian McCulley.

Rebekah Wiggins is a dynamic passionate award-winning director, actor, intimacy coordinator and a certified Chubbuck Acting Technique teacher with fifteen years of experience in film who specializes in telling gritty female centric stories highlighting various ethnic, religious, and sexual orientations. All roads lead her to directing.

In the midst of a global pandemic Wiggins wrote and directed two vastly different films simultaneously. The first, Clownfish, was shot COMPLETELY REMOTELY on the iPhone11, utilizing Zoom, the FiLMic Pro App and 12 Apple devices hiring cast and crew from all over the world. The second film, Ushering the Light, was shot 50% remotely and 50% with a micro-crew all according to the new Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. Both crews were over 50% female. Rebekah is a dynamic blend, mama bear meets indie film warrior, a fearless explorer of the human condition.

As a director, she's an innovative non-conformist who explores themes of loneliness, grief, unconditional love and family. Her varied background as an actor, teacher, intimacy coordinator sets Wiggins apart as a director. This unique combination of talents allows her to connect with artists in an accelerated sincere way that generates innovative transformative collaboration, while keeping cast and crew emotionally and physically safe.

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