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A Way Home

Claire Chubbuck is an emerging talented female director and the daughter of a world renowned acting coach, Ivana Chubbuck, and late film director, Lyndon Chubbuck. Claire grew up watching her father direct and she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

The latest dramatic short directed by Claire is called "A way Home". The film is about a war hero who returns home after going missing. Upon his return from Afghanistan, he thought his life would go back to what he remembered with his partner. He still loves her but a lot has changed in his life in just a year because of his traumatic experiences and he needs to find a way to deal with this trauma and the tragedy in his mind. The film is about the brutality of war and its effects on relationships and how it can shatter relationships. There are many challenges that veterans face after they leave the military. Problems like stress, posttraumatic stress, health concerns, depression, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, feeling out of place or disconnected, or difficulties with memory may interfere with strong relationships.

The acting of Natalie Stavola is very impressive in a scene where she cries looking at her old pictures with her partner in the good old days. The directing of the film speaks to the heart and the shots cut well together in a dramatic style which brings out the inner pain of the characters. The film is not just a heartbreaking tragedy but it is also a film about having hope in devastating situations that could bring pain into our lives. Every relationship in our life matters to our psyche and it stays in our subconscious but it is important to heal and learn from these experiences. The film is about loss, intimacy and a society which went through war.

The character of Tommy is really hopeful in life when he realizes that he has a chance to be back with his partner. Sadly, he will be really heartbroken when he sees his fiance with another man. The inner calm character of Tommy turns into an outer angry character drinking and feeling like a loser in life. The last scene features an intense scene of the couple fighting when Tommy and his partner finally reconcile and cry together while the titles start rolling on the screen. The film is shot in a very realistic style and the directing of the film truly stands out in this short dramatic genre and brings tears to the audience. Directing, script, production, cinematography, acting and music blends well together in Claire Chubbuck's latest dramatic narrative short, "A Way Home".

Claire has won over 30 awards for her films at high-profile film festivals such as Beverly Hills Film Festival, Chain Film Festival, Santa Monica International Film Festival, SF Indie Fest, Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, Marina del Rey Film Festival, Silicon Beach Film Festival, and Atlanta Film Festival, among others. Claire’s “Cathartic Realism” genre is being studied by medical professionals. Previous research from notable studies, including those by Dr. Brene Brown and Dr. James Pennybaker, among others, has provided evidence that Cathartic Realism is efficacious. Now, they are evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of Claire’s work with a rating scale that was created specifically for Cathartic Realism and the way Claire takes her artists through their work.



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