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Human´s behavior is something that deeply interests Ângela Patrícia Reiniger as a filmmaker. We rarely consider these days people taking religious vows – why would anyone do this? Before embarking on the research for her documentary and actually engaging with the characters, Angela thought that leaving the pleasures of the secular world would be a huge sacrifice. This led to the making of a documentary project called Vows. The plot of the movie is from Daniella Machado, who also worked as a script writer and assistant director of the project. Daniella Nunes Machado graduated in Social Communication from Univercidade, 1997. Postgraduate studies: Broadcasting (Radio and TV), Seneca College, Toronto, Canada, and MBA/MARKETING, PUC/RJ. She has been working in Brazil tv shows as an assistant director since 2011.

The documentary Vows investigates the reasons that lead people, in the 21st century, in two of the most iconic Latin-american cities (Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo) to take the vows of Conversion of Customs (Poverty and Chastity), Obedience and Stability, and to choose to spend their life in cloister, when entering the monastic life. In today's world, where people are always eager for new pleasures, stories and status symbols, and human relationships are increasingly disposable, religious vows, in contrast, are a lifelong commitment. So much so that, in their final stage, they are called perpetual vows. This documentary is unique in the sense of revealing a reality that most people don´t have access to and a very curious about what happens inside the walls of monasteries and abbeys.

Ângela Patrícia Reiniger (Brazil, 1971) has graduated in journalism at PUC-Rio and have written and directed documentary series and TV shows to many Brazilian channels. Her first feature doccumentary was released in theathers along Brazil and broadcasted on TV as well. This year, Ângela finished her second feature doccumentary.

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