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8th Edition of Toronto Women Film Festival

The 8th edition of Toronto Women Film Festival brings together female talents from all over the world. The festival is dedicated to talents contributing to the language of cinema as women in film. The festival committee brings together the previous award winning artists as members of the jury who vote for the best of each category under the supervision of the festival manager and the artistic director of the festival.

All the award winners of each edition can request for online promotion and screening through Toronto Film Channel which has screened the award winners of Toronto Women Film Festival in the past editions. All the winners are further nominated by the festival for becoming an official selection of the annual event. Toronto Film Magazine has the pleasure to announce the latest winners of the festival.

Best Narrative Feature Raise Your Hand Dir: Jessica Rae Best Narrative Short Sashimi Dir: Dumont Marylise Best Feature Documentary The Nine O'clock Whistle Dir: Willa Cofield Best Short Documentary Daughters of Revolution Eritrea - Peace in Times of War Dir: Christine Vogelsang Honoable Menttion Short Documentary Following the Thread Dir: Kathy Brew Best Experimental FLUX Dir: Cléa van der Grijn Best Comedy Red Sky Dir: Katrina Nelson Best Science Fiction A Piece of Me(mory) Dir: Linnea Daregard Best Horror Processing Dir: Renetta G. Amador Best Animation Nanakorobi (Seven Falls) Dir: Glenna Burmer, Gaby Breiter Best Web/TV/Pilot Am I Crazy? Dir: Daria Belova Best Music Video Coretta Dir: Jessica Elizabeth Davenport, Jeaneen Lund Honorable Mention Best Music Video TAKE MY HAND Dir: Lina Kazan, Daniel Regnier Best Student Film The War Within Dir: Marta D'Ocon Best Actress Amanda Sophia Ebert For Margaret Best Female Cinematographer Gunilla Hellgren For THE BREATH Best Female Scriptwriter Sasha Grant For The Cup Best Female Producer Natalie Clifford For Roots of Gold Best Female Editor Linda Yordy For Tarzan's Escape Best Female Director SOPHIE LEVY For MEDUSA Best Female Composer Amanda Walther For Walk With Me Best LGBTQ Swivel Dir: Lois Norman Best Human Rights Room without a view Dir: Roser Corella Honorable Mention Best Human Rights Untold Secrets Dir: Teresa Lavina Best Film About Women Submission Dir: Marko Jocic Honorable Mention Film About Women Joyce Tenneson: Writing in Light Dir: David Wright, Randy Gebhardt Best Canadian Filmmaker Jessie Anthony For Brother, I Cry Best Environmental Blue Jeans Blues Dir Manuela Nudo Best First Time Filmmaker W'AT ABOWT US Dir: Beverly Vergel Honorable Mention First Time Filmmaker Butterfly, Lost Dir: Mei Bignall Best Unproduced Script One Foot Over the Edge Writer: Katelyn Wells Best Historical Film A Strike and an Uprising (in Texas) Dir: Anne Lewis Best Biographical Film James Castle, the Silent way Dir: Brigitte Lemaine Best Sport Film New Horizons Dir: Kelsey Andries Best Youth Artist Esabella Strickland For Then and There, Here and Where ( Orabella the Oracle) Best Poster Rangers Heroes


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