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8th Edition of Toronto Indie Shorts

Toronto Indie Shorts is a seasonal program which was founded a few years ago by a group of film graduates from York University of Toronto. The festival invites film critics, artists and filmmakers to vote for the best of each season from Canada and all over the world. The festival committee also offers to promote and screen the award winners of the festival privately and publicly upon request in its online event. The 8th edition of the festival brings talented artists from all over the globe in order to compete in various categories of the award event. It is with great pleasure for us to announce the latest winners of the festival.

Best Narrative:

JADED Director: Marcia Carroll

Honorable Mention Narrative Second Hand

Dir: Omar Juarez

Best Director

Not Nothing Director: Suzanne Schmidt

Best Documentary


Dir: Michael James Johnson

Honorable Mention Documentary

Daughters of Revolution Eritrea - Peace in Times of War Director: Christine Vogelsang

Best Indie Short


Dir: Anastasia Vasileva

Best Horror & Best Actress


Dir: Sarah Gross

Actress: Hana Hayes

Best Producer

Breaking Point

Producer: Danny Crossman

Best Comedy


Dir: Michelle Boley

Best Science Fiction

The Station Caretaker

Dir: Vladislav Emelin

Best Animation

Origin of man

Dir: Pjotr Sapegin

Honorable Mention Animation

The Combine Director: Micah Chambers-Goldberg

Best Web Series/TV Pilot


Dirs: Rose Massett, Michael Klapp

Honorable Mention Series

There's an App for That Director: Ed Toolis

Best Music Video

I'll be seeing you

Dir: Jacqueline Ragheb

Honorable Mention Music Video

Long Time Director: Jamar Redhead

Best Editor


Editor: Mengyao Mia Zhang

Best Cinematographer & Honorable Mention Indie A Realm of Return Dir: Tam Hoang Thanh Tran

Best Experimental


Dir: Joy Waldinger

Best Actor

Joseph Roberts

For: Second Hand

Best Composer


Music: Emer Kinsella

Best Student Film


Dir: Elisabetta Fox Piantoni

Best Canadian Student Film

First Love Director: Beatrice Woo

Best Script

Writer: Janna Jones

Honorable Mention Script

Writer: David Chiappetta

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mks productions
mks productions
15. Jan. 2022

Congratulations to all the winners 💐

Gefällt mir
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