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16th Edition of Toronto Indie Shorts

The Toronto Indie Shorts is an international IMDB qualifying competition based in Canada which selects and promotes shorts of all genres from all over the globe in various categories of the competition. The festival team brings together award winning artists to vote for various sections of the festival which includes awards in fiction, documentary, animation, student film, etc. The festival also recognizes actors, directors and producers working on a variety of inspiring independent short films. It is our pleasure to share the list to the winners of the 16th edition of the festival.

Best Documentary

The Heart Whisperer

Director: Shaun Monson

Best Indie Narrative


Director: Mina Soliman

Best Actress

Dawn Young


Best Cinematography


Karina Dywanski

Best Comedy

Like Going to a Hardware Store for Bread

Director: Roque Antonio Nonini

Best Narrative & Best Director


Directors: T.J. Penton, Chadda Battrell

Best Script


Writer: Jesse Dorian

Best Producer

Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez

Lucinda´s Pandora

Best Actor

Geoff Mays


Best Horror

Out of my Skin

Director: Hannah Fortin

Best Web Series

Director: Janneke Williamson

Best Music Video & Best Animation

The Orchestrated Alan Song

Directors: Susan Mey Lee Lim, Christina Teenz Tan, Samudra Kajal Saikia

Best Experimental

Ah! Hard Rain

Director: Greta Mendez

Best Student Film

Playing house

Director: Eunjin Lee

Best Composer

The Routine

Alexandra Petkovski



Congratulations for all the winners in this event. I appreciate your wonderful work in the selection, and

I know it has been a marelous task in this event.

My best regards,

Laura González y Matute


Susan Hargreaves
Susan Hargreaves
Jun 06, 2023

Thank you so much for choosing The Heart Whisperer short original documentary film for Best Documentary We are thrilled and honored

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