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14th edition of Toronto Women Film Festival

The 14th edition of the Toronto Women Film festival recently announced its winners. The festival committee has been promoting, screening and recognizing talented female artists from all over the globe through its seasonal and annual program.

The festival also invites the award winners to vote as members of the jury for various categories of each edition. The competition is devoted to discovering the best female talents or films that deal with women in cinema.

Winners of the 14th edition:

Best Narrative Feature

How to Please a Woman

Director: Renée Webster

Best Narrative Short

The Crying Boy

Director: Meredith Johnson

Best Feature Documentary

The Vertical Border

Director: Sonja Wolf

Best Short Documentary

Ukraine War, the eyes of refugees

Director: Olivia M. Pfaff

Best Experimental

Women Minor Speculations

Director: Nicole Hewitt

Best Horror


Director: Cindy Stenberg

Best Animation

My Dear Son

Director: Lilian Fu

Best Web/TV/Pilot

Charlotte Sucks: At Dating

Director: Melissa Karimzadeh

Best Music Video

Dear Monster

Director: Karyn Lynn Bailey

Best Student Film

Beetroot Soup

Director: Tom Weintraub Louk

Best Actress

Maryfrances Careccia

Val (-e-ree)

Best Female Cinematographer

Lucy Jones


Best Female Scriptwriter

Writer: Jenn Fonteyn

Dove's Labyrinth

Best Female Producer

Jolene Mendes, Cindy Lu and Vivian Johnson

Bienvenidos a Los Angeles

Best Female Editor

Lindsay Armstrong

Woman of a Certain Sage

Best Female Director

Lisa Arnold

Into The Spotlight

Best Female Composer


Four O'Clock Flowers



Director: Ayla Çekin Satijn

Best Human Rights


Director: Kavitha LANKESH

Best Poster

Kosta Lazarevski

Sugar People

Best Film About Women

Four O'Clock Flowers

Director: Peter Callow

Best Canadian Female Filmmaker

Director: Sydney Scotia


Best Environmental

The Secrets of Adaptation

Director: Guyslaine Thalmann

Best First-Time Female Filmmaker

Kumru Karataş

The Gulf

Best Thriller

Les Clefs

Director: Lauren Klocker, Tahnee Nordegg

Best Unproduced Script

Writer: Lisa Cole


Best Historical Film

The Queen's Orphans

Director: Elza Cataldo

Best Biographical Film

Kasturba Gandhi: Accidental Activist

Director: Cynthia Lukas

Best Sport Film

Diary of a Tennis Player

Director: Aleksandra Svonja

Best Youth Artist

Actress: Alisson Santiago

Y si Adelita


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