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About us:

Art Film Spirit Awards is the festival of Toronto Film magazine which is devoted to the spirit of indie filmmaking, arts and the creative process that goes into making an arthouse film.  Art Film Spirit Awards is about the language of cinema and the spirit of indie filmmaking.


The festival offers promotion and screening to international shorts and features from all over the globe. The award-winning artists are invited to join as the members of the jury in order to vote for various sections of the festival. 

Image by Geoffrey Moffett


The mission of the festival is to gather indie filmmakers and artists together in order to promote and screen independent film projects through Toronto Film magazine. The festival seeks to promote indie artists, film directors, producers, writers and all artists working in media and film. 



Art Film Spirit Awards is about the spirit of indie filmmaking and discovery of emerging talents,  arthouse filmmaking and the promotion of indie cinema.  

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